Saturday, May 22, 2010

The bomb that panicked Celina Jaitly

When Celina Jaitly heard that her mom Meeta Jaitly was on a flight that was possibly rigged with a bomb, she was terrified.

Her mother was on a flight to Lucknow yesterday and all passengers were told to disembark after the bomb scare. Mercifully, for Celina’s mother and the other passengers, it was a hoax call.

Celina says, “I really panicked when I got an SMS from my mother saying that we have been deplaned as there is a bomb scare. Thankfully, it turned out to be a hoax call. I was in a state of shock.”

The actress couldn’t stop panicking until she heard her mom’s voice assuring her that it was just a scare. She continues, “My mom messaged me saying that we were asked to leave the flight, which was standing on the runway. As soon as she got off, she called to inform me about the prompt security measures. There were bomb squads, dog squads, fire brigades all around. People were immediately taken away. It was nice to hear about the prompt security action.”

Although Celina was terrified, her mom was extremely brave. She says, “Being a fauji’s wife, she was calm and was asking me to relax.”

Celina has a history of narrow escapes. “I have closely witnessed all the past terror attacks - the 26/11 terrorist attack, where I had just left the Trident Hotel or the 7/11 bomb blast, where I was travelling outside Mahim station for a shoot.”

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