Friday, May 7, 2010

In India Topless Nandana, but not Barbara?

The Hindhi version of kites doesn't flaunt a topless Hot Barbara Mori. While the international promos of the movie are raunchier. It shows Barbara Mori topless in a sizzling lip lock with Hrithik. The Indian audience gets a censored version of the promo as well as the movie.

So, why is India being denied the topless, sexy lip-lock? Doesn't Nandana Sen’s movie Rang Rasiya, shows her topless and has been cleared by the censor board.

So, is the Indian audience not mature enough? Payal Rohatgi, who has done ‘bold’ movies like Tauba Tauba agrees, “I think the Indian audience is not mature enough. Men download images to gratify themselves but movies are a different genre. Movies are meant for family watching and a raunchy promo will insure that family audiences don’t pull in. So movie makers are also vary,” says Payal Rohatgi.

Television star Sambhavana Seth feels the audience is not ready for such nudity. “For a Hollywood actress like Barbara Mori going topless may not be a big deal but for the Indian audience it is. It's a shock for me, if such bold scenes are shown people would stop watching movies with their children,” says Sambhavana

But yesteryear movies like Ram Teri Ganga Maili had covered frontal nudity which was shot aesthetically and accepted by the movie goers. However, actor Koena Mitra feels the audience is getting mature, “The audiences has accepted bold scenes in many films. Though our culture doesn’t support it, there have been films in the past that have had such bold scenes but they have been aesthetically shot. Though we may not be up for it, but if the same is shot gracefully and is in context with Kites, I am sure it would go down well with the audience.”

Is the Indian audience still prudish? “The view that the Indian audience is not mature, doesn't make sense. The audience we are talking about is net-savvy and can access the same online. The industry is living in dark ages. There isn’t any audience profiling to prove the level of maturity,” says Vinta Nanda, filmmaker.

Film critic Taran Adarsh says, “At the click of the button you can access information. Technology cannot be curtailed. Anything can be seen online even if you try to keep it away from film prints."

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