Thursday, May 20, 2010

“Plastic Surgery Can’t Alleviate Insecurity” -Megan Fox

Actress Megan Fox has encouraged young women to ask advice from a therapist before making a decision to have plastic surgery.

According to the “Passion Play” actress, cosmetic procedure won’t cure any insecurity issues.

The “Transformers” beauty claims she has nothing against the medical practice, but for her, she fears that females are often looking for a quick fix to their vanity worries instead of dealing with the problems deep down.

She tells Allure magazine, “I would encourage anyone to first speak with a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from, because a lot of times it’s not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin; the surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you.”

“If, then, you feel, ‘This is something that I want to do,’ then do it. It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the stuff that we do.”

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