Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Villain Behind Manirathnam’s ‘Villian’??

It came as a surprise when the Mani Ratnam movie was titled as ‘Raavan’ in Hindi, ‘Raavanan’ in Tamil and ‘Villain’ in Telugu. It is heard that the reason for not naming it ‘Raavana’ or ‘Raavanudu’ is none other than Dasari.

It seems that when Mani Ratnam started ‘Raavan’, Dasari immediately went and registered the title in Telugu. On knowing this, representatives of Mani Ratnam tried seriously to get the title from Dasari, but they have failed, for which they had to settle for ‘Villain’ in the Telugu version.

Though Dasari may not have the crookedness to make money by keeping the title as bait, it is heard that he is resorting to cheap tricks by planning to bag the Telugu rights at a cheap rate. In the past, hero Rajasekhar came up with a film titled ‘Villain’ which was a super flop and now, the title ‘Villain’ has come across as a big minus. The industry folks are saying that Dasari has turned out to be a ‘Villain’ for Mani Ratnam.

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