Thursday, June 20, 2019

Can Priyadarshi Prove His Mettle?

Comedian Priyadarshi has done a film as lead actor. “Mallesham” is his first film as lead hero.
This is not typical commercial movie; it is more of an art film about Padmashree Chintakindi Mallesham who invented a machine for one part of weaving. This is biopic.
The film has already generated good buzz thanks to KTR and social media. But its box-office fate would decide Priyadarshi’s fate.
If it succeeds in bringing good openings, the comedian turned lead actor would be considered for similar movies set in the backdrop of Telangana. Or he would have to continue doing comedy roles.
Priyadarshi shot to fame with his comic role in “Pelli Choopulu” and since then he has regular feature in all major movies. He also did Mahesh Babu’s friend’s role in “Spyder”.

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