Thursday, June 20, 2019

Jersey Effect! Director's Son Asks Father About Next Film

In the film 'Jersey', the central concept of the film is about a father trying to prove to his young son about his abilities. Though he did not do that on purpose, he takes that route only after the son wishes to see his father playing cricket again.
And it looks like as this film is getting streamed on Digital platforms now, many youngsters are asking similar questions to their dads. Director VN Aditya of Manasanta Nuvve fame, revealed that even his son has asked him the question, 'Nanna, when are you going to direct a Telugu film again?'. Obeying his son's request, the director took to social media to announce that his next Telugu film will be started this year.

After making a great start with Manasanta Nuvve in 2000, VN Aditya directed films like Sriram, Nenunnanu, Boss, Aata, Rainbow and Raaj. After the massive failure of Rainbow and Raaj in 2011, the director tried couple of ventures but none worked. We have to see how he's gonna restart after this almost-decade of break.

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