Thursday, July 4, 2019

Burra Katha Turns Headache For iSmart Shankar?

iSmart Shankar starring Ram and directed by Puri Jagannadh is about a man with 'double dhimaak'.
The team has been so confident that the concept of the film will take the audience by surprise. However, a film with similar concept is arriving in theaters a few weeks earlier than iSmart Shankar.
Burra Katha featuring Aadi Sai Kumar also deals with the concept of one man - two brains.
The treatment of both the films might be different, but the concept looks similar. Team iSmart is now worried of their concept getting diluted by Burra Katha.
Interestingly, Burra Katha that was supposed to release on Friday has been delayed because of censor problems.
Will it make it to theaters before iSmart Shankar that is slated for release on July 18?
iSmart Shankar has been looking good to put Puri Jagannadh back in the reckoning and Ram back on track. But Burra Katha turned out to be a headache with its two-brains!

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