Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Buzz: Is Top Producer Allu Arvind's Idea Viable?

Already long back Allu Arvind's compound has given a feeler about the multi-crore budgeted Ramayana they are making and even hinted that Ram Charan might play the role of Lord Rama in that. Yesterday, they have hiked the budget, got two directors aboard and gave another announcement regarding the same film.
Dangal director Nitesh Tiwari and the 1500 odd crores budget sound very lavish and confident, but for films of such scale to work, there is something else that is to be taken care of. The two aspects that will save this three-part series at the box office is, either the star faces that sizzle in the movie or the stunning visual effects.

Let's hope Charan plays Rama, then the ones who play villain Ravana, brother Lakshmana, disciple Hanuma, wife Sita- and all other characters should be played by leading stars. Someone like Akshay Kumar or Salman should play Ravana, and other big stars should take up the rest of the roles. Then only, the film will get superior hype across India.

Or else, the film should have visual effects on the scale of Avatar, where live-action gets seamlessly mixed with computer generated imagery. For example, if the scene of Hanuma and his apes building a stone bridge over Indian ocean could get real and thrilling like in Avatar, Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, then audiences will go crazy about it, no matter which actor is playing lead role.

Only if one of these two, or the two aspects work out, then the idea of making this Ramayana will be a feasible one. We have to see what Allu Arvind will say about it.

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