Friday, July 26, 2019

Constant Fights Between Hot-headed Contestants at Bigg Boss 3

Season 3 of Bigg Boss is turning into a mess with far too many hot-headed contestants in the house. There are way too many altercations already and there is absolutely no harmony as of now.
It is not even a week since the show has started and the housemates had many verbal spats already. There were three fights in the Thursday episode itself.
Usually, Bigg Boss finds it tough to cut a promo for the next episode due to lack of content, but this group is giving them tonnes of it.
However, it will be tough to run this show if the housemates fail to gel well as they need to stay under the same roof for hundred days. Also the host Nagarjuna will find it hard to talk sense into this group.
Only Baba Bhasker, Shiva Jyothi, Jaffer and Ashu Reddy are staying away from altercations as of now.
Baba Bhaskar is giving some relief with his antics and one-liners, but the editors are giving more screen space for fights.
The show will be interesting if there is a balance between fun and fights. But with characters like Hema, Rahul Sipligunj, Shrimukhi, Mahesh Vitta and a couple of others there is little scope for fun and more chance for fights.

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