Monday, July 15, 2019

Gayathri Gupta leaks: Who is Bigg Boss 3 Telugu?

Gayathri Gupta is an actress and TV presenter. She is known for her progressive and liberal views. The TV presenter is well known for her debates in Telugu News Channels about casting couch issue in Telugu Film Industry. She is known to be straight forward and frank. According to the latest update, Gayathri Gupta has filed the police case against Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, which is going to be hosted by King Nagarjuna. She also revealed the secret that who is Bigg Boss 3 Telugu?
Gayathri Gupta lodged a case at Rayadurgam police station in Hyderabad against the team member of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. According to her. 3 members approached her and asked whether she is interested to enter in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu house as participant. According to her, the team members had asked how would she satisfy Bigg Boss if the gets finalized.
Gayathri Gupta also talked about that who is Bigg Boss 3 Telugu? She said, “Bigg Boss is not a person, but a mere voice that instructs the contestant of Bigg Boss house and allot the tasks. Gayathri Gupta further said, Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is not a human being, it is a pre-recorded voice message of Radha Krishna.

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