Monday, July 1, 2019

Telugu Cinema Hero Sree Vishnu Proved a Point

Success and failure are two sides of a coin. Off late, Telugu cinema is passing through a passionate phase of film making where fresh scripts, new characterizations are dictating the terms and budget is no more the prime focus. 
Likewise, young and talented artists are coming to the fore striving to offer everytime a new flavour for audience. Sree Vishnu appears to be in the front row when we speak about such artists.
Latest offing Brochevarevarura bought smiles on Sree Vishnu's face because he has been on a long journey when success eluded him many a times.
May it be Mental Madhilo or Needi Naadi Oke Katha or Unnadi Okate Zindagi or Prathinidhi or Veera Bhoga Vasantarayalu and so on, everytime Sree Vishnu won critic applause but not commercial acclaim.
However, he did not leave the path of experimenting new age scripts finally to win both the sections with Brochevarevarura. 
Trade reports say that, Brochevarevarura has seen a significant hike in revenues on day two and three, thanks to tremendous positive talk and encouraging reviews.
Made on a small budget, the film is surely a surprise winner among last week releases as youthful entertainment, decent message for children, parents strike the chords.
Anyways, Sree Vishnu proved a point that continuous hardwork and sustained efforts always reap fruits. A lesson to learn for each and everyone.

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