Monday, July 1, 2019

Yes, Kalki Scenes Inspired From KGF

Prashanth Varma never minces his words about the inspired, copied scenes in his films from other films. In yet another such admission, Prashanth admitted that a few scenes in Kalki have been inspired from Yash-starrer KGF : Chapter 1.
"I know my limitations. I want to learn from other films. I heard about KGF and watched the movie. I had felt that the elevation scenes in KGF are top notch. Hence, I've inspired some scenes in Kalki from KGF," said Prashanth Varma.

Prashanth has also dropped a bomb. He didn't want to direct Kalki initially. The original plan was just to lend the story of Kalki. But as the script shaping up, Prashanth had felt that the script was taking good shape and after traveling with Rajasekhar and Jeevita, he has finally decided to direct the movie as well. Prashanth says he has taken a good decision.

When asked him about Rajasekhar being late to the movie sets and does it affect his work, Prashant took it in stride. He says it was quite easy to work with Rajasekhar. He said he has got good time to complete the remaining shoot and plan the shots well in advance before actor Rajasekhar turned up to the shoot. Talking about his functioning style, Prashant said he has first written the climax and worked backwards and thus completed other portions of the film. Prashant says he has got readied script for three other movies and which one would roll onto the floors depend on the actor and producers of his next.

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