Wednesday, June 3, 2020

50-Member Crew for RRR Shoot

Movie shootings have begun in Kerala where the corona cases are very low compared to other states. Still, the government had strictly ordered the movie units not to exceed 50 members on the sets.
Maharashtra government too announced guidelines for shootings for TV and films. Rules like limited crew and ban on persons above 65 have been imposed.
The Telangana government has already informed the Tollywood representatives not to exceed 50 members on the sets at any given time and also everyone should maintain physical distance. 
Many thought that these rules would be a huge blow to the team of “RRR” as the film is being made on a massive scale. Plus, director Rajamouli is known for grandeur.
He has a habit of hiring excess crew for even simple scenes. But he is the first director who has come up with a plan of how to film sequences with the COVID19 guidelines. 
Sources have informed us that the team has readied an action plan of which sequences can be shot with limited cast and crew. Rajamouli will follow these rules for the initial period of during this corona crisis. 
The Rs 350-Cr multi-lingual project starring Ram Charan and NTR will not meet the deadline of the 2021 January release. Rajamouli's plan is to wrap the shooting first and think about the release date in leisure. 
It is no secret that Rajamouli and producer Danayya are under tremendous pressure due to the economic recession and the corona crisis.
It would be a herculean task for Rajamouli to do the massive pre-release business during this crisis.

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