Friday, May 7, 2010

Praneetha Kasani got killed in car accident in West Virginia

Six Telugu students involved in auto accident in West Virginia; Praneetha Kasani died instantly.

Praneetha Devi Kasani, 21yrs, came to USA in December 2009 after completing her B. Tech from Hyderabad and enrolled in MS Electrical Engineering at Wright State University, Ohio. Praneetha went to West Virginia along with her friends and while coming back to Ohio their car met with an accident around 6:45 AM on Thursday, May 06, 2010 on High way I-64 in Beckley city in West Virginia State and died instantly. Praneetha is survived by one sister and parents who live in Hyderabad. Praneetha’s father Mr. Ramarao Kasani works as a Circle Inspector of Police in Hyderabad, AP.

Sashi Venkata Kondury, 22 yrs, Harika Vangeti, 22yrs, Pavan Kumar Ragavajhala 23 yrs, Praneetha Devi Kasani, 21 yrs all are from Wright State Ohio University and Puneeth Reddy Amarella, 22 yrs and Santosh Maddali are from University of Northern Virginia left West Virginia around 2:00 AM to go to Ohio. As per preliminary reports - Puneeth Reddy who was driving lost control of his car around 6:45 AM and collided with another car in the left lane. Praneetha got ejected from the car and died instantly. Though all other passengers got injured badly they will be discharged from hospital in a day or two and are all out of danger.

Prasad Thotakura, TANA Executive Vice President, Mohan Nannapaneni, TANA Secretary, Naren Kodali, TANA Trustee, Subba Rao Kolla, TANA Regional Director and several TANA Team Square volunteers including Dr. Rajendra Prasad Valiveti of West Virginia are working on the case. Rice State University of Ohio Indian Students Association President Raghu Bhagavatula, and other students like Rajesh Yarlagadda, Leela Krishna helping in the situation.

Parents of Praneetha and relatives are in great shock by hearing the news and Rama Rao Kasani father of Praneetha spoke with Prasad Thotakura and requested TANA to help in sending the body to Hyderabad as soon as possible.

“We are in the process of contacting Indian Consulate officials, Funeral Home, obtaining needed certificates to send the deceased to Hyderabad the earliest possible time. We hope to complete all formalities and send the body to Hyderabad by next Tuesday. Said Prasad Thotakura.

Jayaram Komati, TANA President and all other Governing Board members of TANA offered their deepest condolences to Kasani family and pray for the speedy recovery of all other injured.

Note: TANA is taking care of all expenses to send the body of Praneetha Kasani to India. No need to donate for this purpose but if you wish to donate to TANA Team Square for our continued similar efforts to help others, please donate generously by clicking this link.


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