Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ex Husband Taking Revenge On Ex Wife

Marital life is always a bliss for those who understand each other very well and film industry is one place where such understandings seem to exist between couples only till they are interested in each other. After that, it is the routine case of divorce and mudslinging or under-arm politics trying to damage each other’s careers.

That seems to be the case between a film couple who got separated. They are the duo of director Selvaraghavan and actress Sonia Agarwal. Reports from Chennai reveal despite being in the top league, Selvaraghavan is not helping Sonia Agarwal and she is struggling a lot for roles.

There was a time when Sonia was at the peak of her career and that’s when she fell for Selvaraghavan and got married to him. But right now, her situation is not looking that good and she is taking up just about any offer which is coming her way. Let us hope her potential is discovered by the directors and Sonia bounces back with a bang.

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