Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Husbands Don't Rape Other Ladies?

India is one country wherein crimes like murders, robbery and rapes are very common. They happen almost on daily basis and the most significant among them is the rapes. Lately, a lot of rise has been noticed in the rape incidents and even minor girls are not being spared by few barbaric men. In this process, it is heard that few village heads in Haryana are suggesting that child marriage is the best solution for putting a check to rapes. Their logic is, at an age of 16 if the boys are married they would not be having that attraction for others and rapes will not happen. How does that really work? Just because a man got married in childhood it doesn’t mean he won’t rape other women. There is no connection between age and rape because rape is more of an instinct. During olden days child marriages used to happen but even rapes also used to happen. So, the very idea of this child marriage to check rapes doesn’t really work.

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