Thursday, October 4, 2012

O-Talk Brought Rs 100 Cr

Bollywood has been reaching new dimensions when it comes to box office collections and the latest fad which has picked up is the 100 crores club. Some of the recent best movies have crossed Rs 100 crores collection mark effortlessly and all of them have been the commercial masala entertainers.

But one film has crossed the 100 crore club in its own style and it is nowhere near to a masala potboiler. We are talking about the film ‘Barfi’ and it is heard that within 19 days, it reached a mark of Rs 100 crores gross and that too in India. Many say the Oscar talk brought ‘Barfi’ to the 100 crores club.

Apparently, ‘Barfi’ has got the Oscar nomination and that raised the curiosity and interest level of the audience in a big way. Even south Indian audience also went to watch the film and the response was very good. This goes to show that if there is a quality content cinema then it can compete with the commercial potboilers.

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