Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sexy Lady's Slimming Mantra

The biggest challenge for any person is to have a slim and trim figure and if it is women the urge is more. This is more compulsory when it is a heroine. That is why it is heard that the noted Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is currently preparing to go on a slimming mode and is looking for the right mantra. Vidya came up with the film ‘The Dirty Picture’ for which she had piled on few large kilos of weight. She got the due recognition for that and now it is heard that she wants to cut her weight so that she can start looking sexy and fit the Bollywood requirement. So far, Vidya has been conservative about exposing. But few members from Mumbai reveal that she is having a special plan and that’s why she is going for this slimming process. It is heard that Vidya wants to prove that she can also be a smoking hot bombshell with the perfect curves. Does that mean she might drape a two piece bikini and come out of the beach waves? Let us wait and see.

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