Monday, October 1, 2012

Sherlyn Chopra strikes Kamasutra pose on Twitter

Sherlyn Chopra strikes Kamasutra pose on Twitter: In her attempt to leave behind the likes of Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone in their popularity on web, Sherlyn Chopra seems to be trying it really hard.
Sherlyn has posted her photo on Twitter in which she is half reclyning on bed with her legs suggestively spread.

And she writes below that -”monday morning stretchhhhhh……..
Sherlyn has done it all on Twitter, from posing nude to posting provocative puictures. And now the day is not far when we will see the sleaze queen posing her sex videos. After all this is what comes next. Right?
Sherlyn Chopra wishes to be a porn star?
It seems our desperate lady Sherlyn Chopra secretly wishes to make her career in the porn world. Otherwise why would she go to such an extreme level for publicity’s sake? Besides, her outrageous Twitter stints will surely not give her any decent role in Bollywood now.
The Indian audience still wants virtuous women as heroines.
Although Sherlyn tries to sound important by hinting that she is working on some confidential project (read a great Bollywood film), but it seems quite unlikely as she apparently has all the time in the world (read jobless!).
She recently tweeted, “At my study table……tryin’ to finish my highly confidential project………will let u know shortly of the same….” Sherlyn Chopra has been trying hard to remain in news. When she saw that her Playboy bubble has busted, she is trying to be raunchier than the raunchiest. In her desperate attempts to leave the likes of Poonam Pandey and Rozalyn Khan behind, Sherlyn Chopra had become even move sexually explicit on social networking sites.
But if the sleaze queen thinks this will make her career in B-town, she is sadly mistaken.
So where does Sherlyn Chopra stand a chance now? Of course the porn world. Guess the name of her first film? ‘Sherlyn’s adventures in the cucumber land!’
Five hot body tips for Sherlyn Chopra
We are all dazed at the nude pics of Sherlyn Chopra because it is rare for any Indian model to pose nude with so much of confidence. She has completely outshined all her competitors.
But does Sherlyn Chopra have a figure that looks attractive as nude? The answer is an easy no! So here are five tips for Sherlyn for a great figure:
1. Fuller assets would give Sherlyn a more womanly look. She looks quite undernourished otherwise. Sherlyn, why don’t you take some cues from Vidya Balan?
2. She needs a heavier waist as it looks very frail when nude. She must work hard to add volume to her back and butts for a more sexy look.
3. Sherlyn must do something about her hair. Even a clean and good haircut would be fine to begin with.
4. She must do away with her washboard abdomen. It looks grat on Milind Soman, but Sherlyn will look hotter with a fuller, softer tummy.

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