Friday, November 2, 2012

Plumbers Insurance for all Types of Job-Related Hazards

Plumbers perform work daily on personal homes, businesses and even recreational parks and facilities. The type of work performed is quite strenuous and involves great risks because of the pipes and equipment, which can easily break or become damaged due to the vast quantities of water which runs through them. Anyone who currently works as a plumber should know that it is essential that they have some type of plumbers insurance in place. This insurance offers protection for any plumbing business against any damage or loss that might be caused to other people during the course of the job, including any damage or consequential loss that may occur to clients due to negligence, either while on their premises or as a result of any work performed. Plumbers subjected to both fire and water hazards Without general liability insurance in force a plumber is wide open to being sued for damages by members of the public for all sorts of risks that plumbers expose them to. Plumbing by its very nature can be hazardous, with the use of two major perils, fire and water, which can cause damage to client's property. Water escaping due to faulty work can be serious and costly to repair. Similarly the use of heat with blowtorches for soldering copper pipes in confined spaces has been known to cause major fires. All plumbers' insurance policies should include general liability insurance as standard coverage. If a plumbing business employs any workers, even on a part-time, temporary or sub-contractor basis, it is a legal requirement that they also have workers compensation insurance coverage in place. This protects the worker in the event an injury occurs to an employee while engaged in plumbing duties for the firm. Additional coverage available for tools, autos Many standard plumbers insurance liability packages will include the option to add plumbers' tools and equipment to the policy. These can be covered on a new for old indemnity basis where an owner can choose the level of coverage required. A further type of liability coverage for plumbers is business auto insurance, for trucks or other types of vehicles. The Internet, especially local searches in your area, could provide a starting point to compare insurance quotes and coverages online, especially for a small operation. But sure to speak to an independent agent in the area that not only knows the ins and outs of plumbing insurance but also the communities to be served.


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