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Christmas gift guide: from watching Wiggo to wearing it like Mario

Decent docs were thin on the ground this year but fear not, after 12 months of exceptional action, chin-stroking is not required. Instead sit back and simply wallow in reliving the best moments. Let's begin with four hours alongside the modfather in the wonderfully-titled British Invasion! Le Tour de France 2012 (all titles available on Comprehensive and well edited, a must for cycling fans, but also anyone with even a passing interest in what was a remarkable achievement. Equally it's surely impossible for sports fans among we Euros not to just revel in the Ryder Cup 2012 Diary and Official Film, a great package including José María Olazábal taking us through it from his point of view. Pay careful attention and you can actually hear the moment America's heart breaks as Justin Rose sinks that birdie on 17. Heartbreak, too, for Andy Murray in Wimbledon: Official 2012 Men's Final – Andy Murray v Roger Federer but then redemption and exaltation in the epic US Open 2012 – Men's Singles Final. Enjoyed as a double reel, the two have an almost operatic sense of drama – have tissues handy. Steven Berkoff, meanwhile, brings his own dramatic skills to narrating Frankel - The Official Story. Featuring all the mighty thoroughbred's races and behind-the-scenes footage, it's an excellent record of some stirring performances. Which England failed to deliver at Euro 2012, but far more substantial fare is on offer in Uefa: The Official Archive Films. A box set of 21 dvds and a pictorial book, it covers the best of European football, with footage going back to 1954. Unsurprisingly it's a pricey £82 but ought to see football fans satiated until next Christmas. Which just leaves the big one in the form of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The former a mammoth five-disc set including highlights from every day, and the opening and closing ceremonies, while the latter is more truncated to three discs and thus a little light on some sports. Both are fine documents of the events that promised and delivered, on so many levels. As did one of the stars of the Games, captured in Usain Bolt – The Movie, but the one documentary not to miss is Matt Norman's Salute . A brilliant film retelling the story of Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman and that moment at the Mexico Games in 1968. A poignant reminder that sport has the power to move beyond merely winning or losing. CLOBBER It might be chilly out but think positive, a summer of sunshine surely lies ahead, perfect for a bumper crop of T-shirts. Perennial faves add Theodor Adorno's "Football implies the desire to suffer" to their range, alongside Brazilian genius Socrates opining: "Beauty comes first. Victory is secondary. What matters is joy". Fashionable and cutting is the "Riding Paniaqua" design from podcasters Velocast. The Spanish phrase for bread and water was used by pro cyclists who were not taking drugs and the site also does a fine range of stylish designs celebrating classic teams and cycling events. Wiggo would, no doubt, dig it but he has his own range at Can another mod revival be far off with such a classic, if expensive, collection? More classics are celebrated at A gorgeous selection of high-quality printed T-shirts celebrating teams and drivers from F1's past. March, Ligier, Brabham Hesketh and more are here in glorious colour. Racing fans will love them, and they make for a distinctive and unique gift a world away from the modern, more soulless F1 merchandise. Murray Walker and Sir Jackie Stewart approve too. Aside from the usual replica shirts the football gift that just keeps giving is provided by Mario Balotelli whose camouflage onesie as modelled on Twitter is yours from It's not cheap though. Mario is a classy guy after all but a bargain version of the big-boy romper suit, the ultimate comedy gift this Christmas, can be had at What real babies want, nay need, however is's baby body Lederhosen which is exactly what your mind has just pictured. Finally, since it is chilly out and watching a game is entering the in-the-teeth-of-a-bitingly-cold-wind direct-from-Siberia-period, the cloudcover jacket is a lovely piece of kit. Light but waterproof, it is also cut slightly longer than most so as not to leave any other jacket or jumper poking out of the bottom. Practical and stylish. GADGETS AND GEAR Hard to escape the sheer volume of app-related kit but smart phones are often debilitatingly expensive. A better idea for kids, then, is the iPod touch (, with entry-level 4th gen versions at just under £140 from Then, don't miss the unputdownable New Star Soccer game in which you are tasked with guiding a player through his career. Be warned, it's addictive and may be best interspersed with some virtual fishing on the rather neat AppToyz AppFishing ( Or perhaps even some exercise using the Kickmaster Quick Up Goal And Target Shot (amazon), perfect with the Adidas Predator Kinetic SL boots (prodirect but make sure to have them have personalised as all the pros do now … Grown-ups may prefer the iPing putter app ( A cradle attached to the putter, holding the smart phone whose app analyses the stroke – identifying errors to improve consistency. But if they're feeling flush and on the slopes how about the Oakley Airwave Goggles (£499, that receive data from your device and transmit it, James Bond-style, to a heads-up display inside the goggles. All of which kit will need charging and what better way to do it than the Crosskase Solar 15 solar powered rucksack ( A lovely, sturdy backpack with a solar panel, which stores power in an internal battery for charging a variety of devices. It's a well executed, clever idea. Finally, while skiers will no doubt appreciate Powerstation Gloves ( – beautifully snug, heated mitts, that warm up and switch on and off during activity to maintain a constant temperature. The small, rechargeable batteries will also last three hours with no activity thrown in – which will be appreciated by absolutely anyone who finds themselves on a terrace this winter. OLYMPIC GAMES With the Games gone but certainly not forgotten, what better way to enjoy Christmas than basking in the warm glow that London 2012 imparted across the British Isles? Perhaps best by owning a piece of the Games, all sorts of souvenirs are available at memorabilia.london2012 . From signed pictures , through an Olympic torch and banners from the venues to outfits from the opening ceremony , it's a rummage bag that offers some really unique presents. Alongside the DVDs of the Games (see above) there are also the opening ceremony and closing ceremony soundtracks on CD. The former, Isles of Wonder , is the superior. Curated by Underworld, it's a fine two-disc set, missing Going Underground, which is a shame, but on the plus side also omitting Macca dragging the sorry carcass of Hey Jude out of its coffin again. The closing ceremony A Symphony Of British Music , is a much less edifying affair, rescued by Elbow and The Who, although still raising the question of exactly why the reprehensibly turgid Kaiser Chiefs were allowed to perform the latter's Pinball Wizard . Much less vexing is to recreate the outstanding wildflower display from the Olympic Park in your garden, seeds from There are plenty of bargains to be had as well and although the London 2012 and TeamGB shops are now closed, Amazon has picked up the slack. Toy Wenlock and Mandeville mascots have dropped to just a few pounds; there are Olympic and Paralympic stamp collecting sets and the stamps to go in them, while anyone who likes acquiring small shiny objects will have a field day with the Olympic pins that are still available, hugely popular during the Games, they are now all about half-price; many T-shirts, hoodies and hats are available under the TeamGB keyword and even, among a selection of themed water fowl, the brilliant Official TeamGB Cycling Duck . Which is as good a way as any to celebrate our cycling heroes while splashing about in a bath. Finally, since it did go right when it could have gone wrong, there is real additional pleasure to be had from the wit and satire of the BBC's mockumentary Twenty Twelve . The two series are, if anything, even funnier now, with the knowledge that in the end we really did pull it off. christmas gift ideas for mom,homemade christmas gift ideas,christmas gift ideas for men ,christmas gift ideas for boyfriend,christmas gift ideas for, girlfriend,christmas gift ideas 2011,christmas gift ideas for dad,christmas gift ideas for her

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