Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Super Star Rajini's Fight Taken Up By Fans

India Rajinikanth and his fan following is hard to describe because it has no limits. And whatever he says is like a command from god to them. Recently Rajini celebrated his birthday and addressing his fans at the YMCA ground in Chennai he came up with a message which has become a movement. Rajini revealed how when he was a bus conductor he used to drink and was a chain smoker. He also added that his kidney and lungs got affected by that but after quitting them he has felt a lot better. To end with, Rajini urged all his fans to quit smoking and fight against it. These words came like direct instructions from the superstar and the fans have reportedly taken it upon their shoulders to carry on an anti-smoking campaign and movement. As part of that, they also set fire to many cigarettes. Let us see how strong this movement will shape into.

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