Friday, January 18, 2013

BJP Leader's Current Shock To Bollywood Producer

There are few directors and producers who completely believe in the sutra that ‘Sex Sells’ and for that they can go to any extent to make a film and mint money. One such producer is Mahesh Bhatt and he has redefined the genre of adult films in Bollywood. Not just him, he is well supported by his daughter Pooja Bhatt in these ventures. But recently, Mahesh Bhatt shocked one and all with his statements. Sharing his thoughts with the media Mahesh reportedly mentioned that he has tremendous respect for women and he sees only his mother in every woman. Apparently, Mahesh Bhatt is the man who made films like ‘Arth’ way back in 80s which speak about illicit relationships. He also has the credit of encouraging porn star Sunny Leone to become an actress. Anyways, Mahesh speaking all this came as a bouncer to many. They are saying that this must be due to the current shock given by the BJP youth wing chief Anurag Thakur. Apparently, he referred to Mahesh and his daughter Pooja and mentioned how India got spoiled due to duo like this. With Mahesh changing his tone, many are vouching it should be the result of the BJP leader’s current shock.

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