Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 85 and 86 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Rajev gets in a big spat with Sapna

Bigg Boss soon announces the luxury budget task of the day which is called ‘Aaj Ki Taaza Kabar’, where the housemates create fictitious scandals in the house and two out of them report the entire crime.
Bigg Boss 6
The housemates start enacting various stories in the house. Sapna randomly picks on Imam for eating everyone’s food in the house and the two enact a mock fight. Post this, Niketan and Sana enact a story where Niketan is a politician who has gone out on a date with a movie actor that has been played by Sana and the two are caught by the reporters.After creating all the scandals, the reporters read out the News Bulletin in front of the entire house in a hilarious manner.
Bigg Boss 6
Post all the fun, Sanjay Jumani – the famous numerologist enters the house, to give each one of the contestants an idea of their chances of winning and their career ahead. As the day ends in the house, Imam questions Niketan about his single hood in the house. Imam tells Niketan how he has not managed to be linked with any girl in the house. Niketan and Sapna cannot help but laugh at the situation, and Niketan tells him that there are reasons for him to stay away from being linked in the house.
Bigg Boss 6
As the next day begins, all the housemates are seen fighting in the house for the daily duties. While Rajev and Sapna have a fight over the cooking duty, Imam advises Niketan that he being the captain should not listen to anyone and just assign the duties. Niketan instead tells Imam that he himself does not do the tasks apart from the ones he is comfortable with then why should he bicker about others not obeying.
Post the fight on duties, Rajev and Sana are seen discussing how Sapna always involve herself into things she does not need to. Sana tells Rajev that she is just putting up a fight with everyone in the house and instead portraying herself in bad light in the bargain. Niketan on the other hand discusses with Sapna that Rajev refused to do the task since Sana wouldn’t accompany him and he did not want to shift from his duties that he was sharing with Sana.
As the day passes, Delnaaz explains to Niketan that it’s the last day of the year and that he should forget and forgive Rajev when Niketan tells Delnaaz that Rajev has no qualities of being his friend. As the day passes, Niketan is seen gathering the housemates to enact a political scam for the task when Urvashi and Sana do not come and instead taunts the two to be lazy and non-cooperative. Urvashi, unable to being call non-cooperative, argues with him and tells him that she was thinking of her own task. Soon, everyone is seen disoriented with the task when Urvashi steals the camera of the reporters and hides it just to create more drama.
Soon, Imam, Sapna and Niketan have a huge argument when Imam goes to use the captain’s room washroom without asking Niketan and the two get agitated that without the consent of the captain, no one can use the captain’s room. As the day ends, Bigg Boss wishes the housemates New Year and organizes a little dance party in the house.

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