Friday, February 1, 2013

Sandalwood splurges on introduction songs : Hot News

While Mungaaru Male may have hinted at the trend first, and Jackie may have made it fashionable, the past few months have seen the Kannada film industry spend mega bucks on introduction songs. Spending well over Rs 60 lakh on just one song is huge, given that a Kannada film is often made well within a Rs 3-5 cr budget. In the past few weeks, many films have created visual spectacles that make up the introduction songs for their lead heroes. While the team of Tony took off to Thailand to shoot amid tigers and elephants with hero Srinagara Kitty, the teams of Andar Bahar and Bulbul shot elaborate dance sequences on city roads and studios with over 100 dancers each. Choreographer Imran Sardhariya says, "With producers and directors backing the choreographer's vision, there is a lot of room for creativity. Since most film music is westernized, we tend to look at music videos from the west for inspiration. With no budget constraints, we can give our Kannada audience quality visuals for songs." The Kannada film Only Vishnuvardhana featured an introduction song with lead actor Sudeep which used high quality visual graphics. The money, though, is not just being spent for fancy computer graphics. Producers are also loosening their purse strings to ensure that the actors featured in these songs wear high-end designer clothes. "We shot the introduction song for Bulbul with over half a dozen costume changes for the lead actors Darshan and Ambareesh. A lot of detailing went into the costumes of the 100 other dancers onscreen too, as we cannot afford to make any compromises," says director MD Shridhar. Shivarajkumar's stylized introduction song in Andar Bahar featured dancers from outside the state. "For a star like Shivarajkumar, who has been a part of over 100 films, creating a new and impressive introduction song is a challenge," points out Imran.

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