Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Pawan's films will be banned in Hyderabad"

"A Telugu film actor too went and met Narendra Modi the other day. What is his name? (audience shouted Pawan Kalyan). Whatever maybe the name of that joker, he met Modi¦," said MIM party president Asaduddin Owaisi, during addressing a rally at Mahabubnagar the other day. As Pawan met BJP's PM candidate, Owaisi threatened that none of Pawan's film will be allowed to release in Hyderabad from now onwards. This is not the first time Owaisi threated film stars this way. Earlier when Salman Khan met Narendra Modi during the film promotions of Jai Ho in Ahmedabad, Owaisi reacted in the same way. And now, he shifted his focus to Pawan, as Jana Sena got the possibility of emerging as a big threat in Telangana region to all the present parties. Though Pawan expressed solidarity for Asaduddin's brother's arrest by his reference to them at his inaugural speech, the MIM president showed no gratitude for that and in turned questioned why Pawan is entering into politics. "If Owaisi doesn't know the name of actor itself, how could he come to know the film of movie he is acting in? Earlier he warned Salman Khan similarly when he met Modi, but nothing stopped JaiHo movie’s collections. Is it really possible to stop screening of movies that way," a political analyst quipped. We have to see if Pawan reacts on these comments at his Youth Of Nation meet in Vizag. - Hyderabad Hot News

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