Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whom Will Telugu Star Mohan Babu Expose?

The statement made by former MP and actor-producer-director M Mohan Babu that he would expose the irregularities of a leader on Thursday kicked up a storm in political circles. Mohan Babu said on Tuesday that he would expose the politician, who had amassed huge wealth by being an MLA, an MP and then a Union Minister. This led to widespread speculations as to who this politician could be. The immediate name that would strike one’s mind is Mohan Babu’s arch rival in films and politics K Chiranjeevi, who enjoyed all the three positions. What evidences does Mohan Babu have to attack Chiranjeevi are also not known. If he is not Chiranjeevi, who else could it be? Well, one might not able to recollect such names immediately, except S Jaipal Reddy, who was an MLA very long ago. But why would Mohan Babu target Jaipal? Any other guesses please?

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