Monday, March 2, 2015

Will Ramu Gopal Varma Be Arrested?

Well, by now you would have guessed that the person in question is Ram Gopal Varma. He posted a tweet with himself in a police patrol car and that naturally created quite a stir not only in the film industry, but also in the police department. So, let’s tell you the story behind the now infamous picture. Apparently, Varma felt like getting into a patrol car. Given that he is Ram Gopal Varma, the moment he had the thought, he decided to take action. Well, off he went to find a patrol car and he did find one Banjara Hills patrolling car in Srinagar Colony bylanes. He got into it and sat in the front seat and then posted the picture on Twitter. Petrified higher officials of police department immediately enquired about Varma’s arrest and asked the patrolling car driver Sridhar Reddy to give a written explanation. The whole story came out once Reddy submitted the letter to his higher officials. Apparently, the police are now contemplating to file a case against Varma for raking up this controversy.

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