Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Direction: Sudha Kongara Screenplay: Sudha Kongara Story: Sudha Kongara Music: Santhosh Narayanan Background score: Santhosh Narayanan Cinematography: Shiva Editing: Praveen KL Art direction: Santhanam PRO: Nikhil Irudhi Suttru is a biluingual sport drama film directed by Sudha Kongara starring R. Madhavan and Rikita Singh. Music composed by Santhosh Narayan, the film is all set for a February release. Vaa machaney Singers: Sean Roldon Lyrics: Muthamil With Sean's scat singing for a localized folk song, got enough of Santhosh? More to come, the track's prominence with the bass line is what that takes the soul out of us. Jazzed up intricacies with the keys, ever improvising guitar strokes and the differently arranged rhythm section bring another Santhosh song catering to his educated audience. Ey Sandakaara Singer: Dhee Lyrics: Vivek Santhosh’s expertise in fusing juxtaposing elements is more than a credit the composer enjoys. Dhee’s texture filed with voice, symphonically treated Violin sessions backing the singing and Vivek’s progressively timed lyrics are once again new and fresh. Even the Flute and the Harmonium bring in a lot of character to the rendition. It is the live and electronic nature of the song that differentiates Santhosh from the rest. Is it the leverage that Santhosh gives to the instrumentalists to improvise that gives his song an edge that no other composer can get? Manually created rhythm sounds from the mouth is another noticeable novelty in the song. This is another classic Santhosh number that gets your attention in no time. Maya Visai Singer: Vijay, Sri Shyamalingan, Santhosh Narayanan Lyrics: Vivek A male group song intending the ambitious nature of the protagonist, this Rock n Roll song has the traits of the famous Australian band Ac/Dc. Tightly toned drums, authentic sounding of the bass and the lead guitar along with the choice of voices create a stir. Poda Poda Singers: Pradeep Kumar Lyrics: Vivek Santhosh’s favorite mascot Pradheep is back for a hope giving song in Irudhi Sutturu. Packaging a track based on the rhythm progression and then adding trustworthy instruments along with a simple tune is Santhosh’s mastery over composing. Once again going with some obvious bass notations, this rock song is nothing short of another winner. An original rock song with interesting EDM loops to relish. Usuru Narambulay Singer: Dhee Lyrics: Vivek The vintage acoustic number Santhosh believes in, this pathos sung by Dhee is a revelation sorts. Strings, Piano and non-cinematic nature of the tune sends a feel across which needs to be captured by genuine listeners. Verdict: Typical Santhosh in full form.

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