Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Open letter to Challenging Star Darshan

Marketing professional and brand analyst Prashant Sambargi has written an open letter to Challenging Star Darshan , who recently issued a legal notice and injunction to media professionals. This was after many reports that speculated Darshan's personal life and private affairs. Below is the open letter: Dear Dharshan Thoogudeepa Your latest legal notice and injunction (stay order) to all journalist, TV and newsprint is a big blunder and wrong move by you and Your PR manager if you have any, and I doubt that don't you have a seasoned Professional PR, your PR Guru has given you a super duper flop idea to serve this funny unprofessional legal notice, a major disadvantage to you. Challenging Star name was crowned to you for your challenging roles you play on screen, (but you copy ONLY REMAKES), but not to challenge the eco system of media, PR and Film industry. Latest Comment Media made this man a star by not exposing his personal domestic crime.Brij Yadavad If you recall history, the Famous actress Kalpana took on the then media for frivolous reason, the result she was in vanvasa for two years and was a blank in then Kannada news print of 1970's. Like the 1989 Billy Joel song goes, we dint start the fire, it was always burning, Press Dint start the fire, it was always burning, you dint manage your personal life with in four walls. Your notice says Press started the fire which is atrocious and stupid. With two police complaint on your back, FIR and Court orders it was in the open for press to report about it. Dharshan, in my 15 years of Real-estate Marketing, we have also sold a quite a few apartments in Prestige south ridge, Banashankari 3 rd stage to my close family and friends, where your wife lives and stays there, and we are all aware what happened when police knocked the doors of Prestige South ridge, don't hide the same and blame the media for the same. My only advice from my 15 years of Marketing and PR experience, don't mix personal life and professional life, and don't burn your bridge once you cross over, PRESS and media was your bridge for your fame and money you have earned. They took you to the top and supported you whenever required, please note, Public memory is short, and PRESS memory is not. This notice of yours has made many film producers think, are we dealing with a Bankable stars which I doubt. Source: TOI

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