Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Comedian Prudhvi Banned, Thrown Out Of #AA19

Comedian Prudhvi (30 Years Industry fame) was an active campaigner for YSRCP in the recent polls.
He has not only campaigned for Jagan but also made scathing comments against opposition parties including Pawan Kalyan.
Despite being an actor Prudhvi treaded the dangerous path of going against mega family.
Prudhvi went on to point fingers at Chiranjeevi too after Jagan's victory. As expected, he has been banned by mega heroes now.
We learnt that Prudhvi who had a key character in Trivikram's upcoming film with Allu Arjun has been shown the door.
Allu Arjun was totally against casting Prudhvi in #AA19 after his comments against his uncles.
Therefore, Trivikram replaced Prudhvi with some other actor for the role.
With nearly half a dozen heroes from mega family in business it is a serious dent to Prudhvi's career in films.
Let's see whether he gets good recognition in YSRCP and make up for this loss.

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