Thursday, June 20, 2019

Rajasekhar Finishes Kalki Fast

Rajasekhar has this image of Late Lateef. He never comes to the sets on time. If the shoot has to begin at 7 am, he would normally appear on the sets post-lunch.
This had been his routine style for a long time. However, he is now a changed man.
For “Kalki”, he changed his late Lateef ways. Reason? It is said that director Prasanth Varma began shooting sequences with dupe whenever Rajasekhar had come to the sets late.
Worried Rajasekhar then started presenting himself at right time. This is how Prasanth Varma changed the angry star and finished the film on time.
“Kalki” is releasing this month end. The film has wrapped up its shoot already. Interestingly, it is Rajasekhar’s home production.

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