Friday, July 12, 2019

Alerted By Trolls, Nag Wants Manmadhudu To Be Clean

Manmadhudu 2 is being trolled for its plot and the bold dialogues that were shown in the promos.
Although those elements were the reason for the heightened expectations on the film, Nagarjuna has reportedly asked director Rahul Ravindran to remove all the 'adult' stuff make it a clean film.
Films with bold content are taking the box office by storm, but also turning out to be 'controversial'.
Take for instance Kabir Singh that has become the most debated film of the year and Nagarjuna doesn't want his film to take the centre stage for wrong reasons.
Nagarjuna has always maintained a clean image in his career spanning over thirty years and he wants it stay that way.
When his daughter-in-law Samantha is making clean movies like Oh Baby, the veteran superstar isn't willing to make movies that make family audiences cringe.
Rahul Ravindran is reportedly removing all the bold dialogue and stuff from Manmadhudu 2 on Nagarjuna's orders.
Wonder how Manmadhudu 2 turns out if it gets rid of all those elements that appeal to contemporary audience.

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