Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Pic Talk: From Dressing Room To Commentary Box

While the Indian cricket team is entertaining big time on the pitch, we have India's former players who are splashing the fireworks from the commentary box. And suddenly, that arena got a new colour with four of the most adorable top order of India's cricket ever, joining their hands.
Welcoming Sachin Tendulkar into the commentary box, recently we have seen how Saurav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag turned nostalgic. Then we have the icing on the cake in the form of VVS Lakshman joining them. These four have opened for India at various times in various formats, and remain the legends of the game.

Last night Sachin shared a picture, captioning it, "From Dressing room to Commentary box", where all the four posed for a picture. Surely this took fans down the memory lane and kids of 90s are rejoicing in it. However, the same cannot be said about their commentary.

When India is hitting its opponents (barring England match), these four, especially Sachin and Sehwag, are busy talking about their good old days and heaping praises on their times, rather talking about the match. It looks like they are a bit upset with the identity crisis post-retirement.

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