Monday, July 1, 2019

Rajendra Prasad Gives Clarity On Drinking Inciden

A couple of months ago there were reports all over YouTube that actor Rajendra Prasad has turned up on the sets of "Oh Baby" in a fully inebriated state. They say that he must have been drinking from the morning itself and that is said to have caused discomfort to Samantha and other lead actors. Is that true anyway?
Other at the pre-release event of Oh Baby movie, Rajendra Prasad revealed that he never did such thing in the past or will never do in the future. "I'm an educated actor as I've learnt acting at film school. And like NTR, I love to do to method acting and would stay in the mood of the character I'm playing. For that particular sequence in Oh Baby, I'm acting like a drunkard the moment I've left my home. That way we got the scene right. But some YouTube fool has created a bad story out of it, about which I don't care", said Rajendra Prasad.

He, however, added that Karma will take its toll and the YouTube guys who posted such videos will be taken care of. About Oh Baby, he says, "I'm both Samantha's boyfriend and Lakshmi garu's boyfriend, so surely we have rocked".

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