Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Bunny Brother Sirish Rejected - Super StarMahesh Babu Accepted

This  true that Picking up a right story is also an art. When the director narrates a story, the hero should be able to imagine how it transforms on to the screen.
But that art form is not everybody's property. Only a few fortunate will possess that. Allu Sirish is one of the guys who is facing bad luck miserably.
Before "Srirastu Subhamasthu", Parasuram has narrated two stories to Allu Sirish. But the hero has rejected both.
Out of them one is Geetha Govindam which turned out to be a Rs 100 cr film when made with some other hero. The second film is "Sarkaru Vari Paata" which was picked up by Mahesh Babu now.
How a bank manager's son takes revenge on the financial fugitives forms the crux of this story. Allu Sirish said a firm "No" to this line. But he liked the story of "ABCD" in the first narration. No one knows what made him like that?
Sirish must be feeling happy that the story he rejected is embraced by Mahesh Babu. But Mahesh fans need not worry about it. They should understand how Geetha Govindam became a big hit.

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