Friday, June 21, 2019

Suriya Lost Heavily on NGK

“NGK” was produced by Suriya’s close family members and friends. Dream Warrior Pictures banner is in a way Suriya’s home production house. He was confident that he would recover the basic investment on “NGK”.
The reviews were bad but the film took good openings in Tamilnadu. However, it ended up as a huge loss venture.
Suriya didn’t take remuneration for this film. He has share in profits. Since there are no profits, he lost heavily.
The Telugu producer K K Radhamohan bought the film for Rs 9 Cr and its theatrical revenue was mere Rs 4.5 Cr. Radhamohan lost nearly 50 percent.
In all languages put together, “NGK” had collected mere Rs 26 Cr worldwide. This is too low for a star like Suriya.
He generally charges Rs 25 Cr as remuneration. Now he can’t charge the same after this movie. Suriya too is losing more than Rs 20 Cr on this movie altogether.
After this film, his entire market has come crashing down. It will be tough for him to win the confidence of distributors.

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