Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Amala Opens Up on Filming for Nude Scene in Aame

Aame, starring Amala Paul, whose teaser released recently saw the actress doing something that few other mainstream heroines dare to do.
The trailer to her upcoming film saw the actor going nude to project the plight of a rape victim in the film.
The actor, who had once considered quitting cinema, before the offer landed her way, in a recent interview with The Hindu, revealed more about filming the controversial and gritty scene.
In a conversation with the publication, the 27-year-old actor revealed that director Rathna Kumar had discussed wearing a special costume in the nude scene, but Paul had dismissed the idea, instead asking Kumar not to worry.
However, on the day of the shoot, Amala was extremely tensed according to her revelation to The Hindu.
The actor said, "It is only when I reached that point, I was feeling stressed. I was anxious to know about what is happening on the sets, who were all going to be there, and if there was security."
She further revealed to the publication that there were only 15 people on the sets and she would not have had done the shoot if she did not trust the crew.
The young actor also revealed that she had almost quit cinema before Aame happened.
"I was telling my manager that I wanted to quit the industry because the synopsis I was receiving from filmmakers all felt like a lie. Yes, they were heroine-centric... but the concepts were simple. Like a rape victim, her struggling against the odds and gaining revenge, or a wife who supports her husband endlessly, or a sacrificial mother. I had no interest to be a part of these lies,” she further revealed.

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