Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Talk: Who Eats Well? Who Gets Eaten?

This Friday, when there are films like Oh Baby, Agent Athreya and Brochevarevaru ra running at the box office, three other films are testing their luck. They are none other than Sandeep Kishan's Ninu Veedani Needanu Nenu, Sivathmika and Anand Deverakonda's Dorasaani and Srihari's son Meghamsh's Rajdooth.
Naturally, if we look at these films, the thing that occurs to our mind is, who among them will eat revenue at the box office, who gets eaten by other movies in the race. There will be a huge demand for Sandeep's film first because it happens to be a horror comedy and they are the go-to films for many audiences. If the second half is engaging and funny, the film clicks big time.

And then comes the love story Dorasaani, which is riding high on the hopes that rich-poor love with vintage backdrop might work wonders. Such films work only if the hero and heroine sweep the audiences off their feet. And youngster Meghamsh's Rajdooth hasn't got a response on social media, but the promotions are quite strong that word of mouth might help it after the first show.

One thing is clear- the one that got huge hit talk will do quite well while the one that gets average talk will be eaten away by others.

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