Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Konidela Niharika Gave Up On Acting Offers?

Mega daughter Konidela Niharika is not having a smooth sail as expected and this is where it gets proved that the concept of 'nepotism' doesn't hold well in Telugu industry. After coming up with three films, it looks like the 25 years old actress got tired of proving to the world already. With none of her three films including Oka Manasu, Happy Wedding and Suryakantham failing to impress at the box office, it looks like Niharika has taken a strong decision now. She has to either start up as a glamorous actress, like a Samantha or Kajal and then rise to the top. But that's not possible for the background she has, as their fanbase might go berserk like it happened in the case of Krishna and Mohan Babu's daughters earlier. Reports are coming that Niharika is not in a mood to listen to new scripts now and is not entertaining any directors to narrate her a story. Rather she is interesting to producer web series on her own banner 'Pink Elephant Pictures' and might soon produce a movie on that banner with one of her mega brother or cousin as a hero. We have to see how far this is true, as Niharika is yet to respond on these rumours.

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