Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Will 'A' Sentiment Work For Jagan Now?

Puri Jagan's upcoming movie 'Ismart Shankar' consists of a lot of expletives in Telangana slang on one side and the huge glamour dose of two spicy starlets on the other side. Naturally, that resulted in an "A" certificate from the Censor Board, and our director is getting excited about it.
As the tax slot for 'A' certificate is quite high, which means the producer will lose more money over an A certificate, many producers try to implement some cuts and get U/A certificate. But Puri Jagan and his 'managing' producer Charmme are said to have not tried for that certificate. Wonder why?

Firstly if they ask for U/A certificate, then the expletives and glamour have to be trimmed down by at least 80% of the intensity it has now. And secondly, Puri Jagan is said to be feeling sentiment that his films like Pokiri, Desamuduru and Businessman got certified with 'A' and did great at the box office. For these sentiments, he went ahead with 'Adult' touch only.

Featuring Ram Pothineni, Nidhie Aggerwal and Nabha Natesh in the leads, Ismart Shankar is hitting cinemas this Thursday (July 18th).

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