Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm not Rakhi: Kashmera Shah

This dusky babe really knows how to make her presence felt! Whether it was leading the rebellion against Rakhi Sawant in Bigg Boss or taking the bold decision to live-in with beau Krushna, Kashmera Shah has gone ahead and done things her way. This gutsy gal is in news again — making cow dung cakes and scrubbing the buffaloes away to glory on Imagine’s reality show Desi Girl. She gets up, close and personal with TOI on charity, love, emotions and more...

‘Mee pann Marathi mulgi aahe!’
This half Marathi girl is mighty proud of her Maratha heritage and is enjoying the accolades coming her way because of her kitschy portrayal in recently released Marathi film Lalbaugh Parel, and her eyeball-grabbing demeanour in Desi Girl. She says, “I’m the only Maharashtrian girl in the show. Baaki logon ne meri vaat lagane ki fultoo koshish kii, but I stuck to my guns. Mee Pann Marathi mulgi aahe!” But, in the very first episode she had to face a lot of embarrassment with the owner of the home in the village refusing to allow her in! Remind her about this and Kash says, “I was dressed in sexy western attire because I’m a sex symbol and our hostess wanted me to wear a salwar kameez. Since my luggage hadn’t arrived, she made me and Ishita stand outside for quite sometime. It really hurt me because things went wrong in the beginning itself! But soon, she changed her opinion about me!”

World record for being broke
She admits that most of the women tend to get intimidated in her presence. She explains this phenomenon thus, “Women usually get intimidated in the presence of a sexy, good-looking, successful woman in the first instance. But later, when they allow themselves to know me, I’m generally liked by people. People think I’m tough as nails, but they don’t realise that I’m a very impulsive person. I decided to get married within two days and was shattered soon after. I have also made the world record of sorts for being broke numerous times. I earn well, but blow the moolah much faster!”

‘My BF gets insecure!’
Myriad ups and downs of life have taught her that planning doesn’t work when it comes to one’s destiny. Ask her if this funda also extends to planning a nuptial date with Krushna and pat comes the reply, “If we ever have children, we will get married! Honestly, it’s really a wonderful thing that we have remained friends even after being together for four years. We still long to be with each other and my BF still gets insecure whenever I lose weight and become very sexy! So, who the hell is complaining!”

‘I’m not Rakhi Sawant!’
If she’s happy with her live-in status, there’s one thing that completely puts her off, and that’s tom-tomming one’s charitable acts. Not many know that Kash is an ardent animal lover and has been working for the welfare of senior citizens as well. But, she clams up the moment anyone asks her to speak about it. “These things are connected to my soul. If I speak about them, there’ll be no difference between Rakhi Sawant and me,” she reasons.

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