Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Twist In Power and Puri Issue

‘Cameraman Gangatho Ramababu’ has been in news for wrong reason since 2 days followed by the complaint of Puri in Film Chamber. While Puri alleged that Danayya, the producer of the movie failed to pay him Rs 4 Cr balance towards remuneration.

When Danayya was asked for explanation, he said that since the budget crossed the estimation, he needs to spend to fill the gap and hence cannot pay for Puri Jagan. Danayya affirmed that he is not going to pay even a single penny to Puri Jagan as he cheated him in the matter of budget estimation.

While some are feeling that it’s the entire publicity stunt, many are feeling that it’s damaging for the image of the movie. Some are questioning "how it comes under ‘cheating’ when the budget estimation shoots up! Danayya can very well give in writing that he can pay the balance after the business of the movie. Why he said that he will not pay at all"!

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