Friday, September 28, 2012

Prabhas Stunned By Heroine's Beauty!!

Speaking about the lady killers and heartthrobs of the Tollywood circuit, the name of Prabhas comes first. He also happens to be the most eligible bachelor in tinsel town and that is one reason why many girls, actresses keep throwing their nets on Prabhas to see if they can get lucky. But instead of flying high with this craze, Prabhas has reportedly fallen flat. The reason for that happens to be the beauty of a heroine. She is none other than Tamanna and it is heard that her beauty in the film ‘Rebel’ has stunned the young rebel star. Sources say Prabhas was so impressed not just with the beauty of Tammu but also with her performance in the film. As it is, Tamanna has been upping her glamour quotient with each passing movie and the heat she raised in films like ‘Badrinath’ ‘Racha’ is yet to be forgotten. When someone like Prabhas is getting stunned, one can imagine the situation of the Aam Janta. Rebel, Rebel movie wallpapers, rebel movie review, rebel review

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