Friday, September 14, 2012

Top Producer's Sex Mania Bringing Him Down

Sex is a very private act and it is meant to be with someone you care and are emotional about but when sex becomes more of a habit then no matter how big and famous you are, it is bound to bring you down. And that seems to be the case with one man who is quite famous in Tollywood circuit.

He happens to be a top producer. Till sometime back, he has been quite decent, his focus was always on his movies, his work at office, his planning etc. He is very passionate about cinema and gives tips to directors also. But lately he has developed this strong penchant for sex and sleeping around with different women.

As a result, he has been going abroad with side-actresses. But he is not doing such activities with noted heroines because he knows they will start creating fuss about remuneration and show demand at other places. So cleverly, he is taking the side actresses and scooting abroad for some fun time.

Due to all his activities, he has become very cheap in front of his office and key team members. It is better that before his name comes out openly he stops indulging and keeps his image intact.

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