Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bad Title Killed the Film

A crucial factor for any film is the title because that is the one which creates the first impact and raises the curiosity. If the film is good but the title is not then that hampers the performance at box office. This is one key reason why the recent release 'English Vinglish' is having a tough time in Andhra Pradesh. According to reports, the film got dubbed into Telugu and has been released with the same title. This is not suitable for Telugu nativity and many in the B, C centers are unable to connect with the title. Though Athiloka Sundari Sridevi is there in the film and this is her comeback, it is not working out. Some are suggesting that the film should have been titled something like 'Sridevi English Paathaalu' and that would have created some interest. But right now, though the film is good and got good response from the audience it seems to have lost out on the inner markets.

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