Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colors Swathi's Chadastham In Kerala

Actors are of various types. Some are spontaneous, some tend to study and understand the character thoroughly and some get into the skin of the character. But here is one girl who seems to be keen on living that character. She is none other than the cute looking big eyed Colors Swathi. It is heard that Swathi has the habit of literally living the character that she plays. This is happening specially in the cases of her films down south like Tamil and Malayalam. So now, sources say she has gone to Kerala and has begun to live with Christian nuns. The reason for that is a film. Buzz is that Swathi is doing a Malayalam film wherein she is essaying the role of a nun so this is her way of approaching the character. It is heard that even when she did the role of a village belle in the film 'Ananthapuram 1980' she went to a remote village and started living there to experience the character. Unusual but true...

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