Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Luxury Fever In Tollywood

An age old saying among the Hyderabad Muslims goes like this ‘Upar Se Sherwani…Andar Se Pareshaani..’ the essence of it means outside tiptop suit inside full tensions. And that is the perfect adage for many in the Tollywood circuit. The itch they have for pomp and show-off is extreme. That buildup factor is considered necessary and in that process they get into the luxury fever. For starters, a mania of Range Rovers has gripped the cine folks. Frankly, not even half of them would know the features and why it has to be bought but it is taken. Secondly, there is the gadget mania. If someone has purchased iPhone 5 in the industry, everyone will start scrambling to buy that at the earliest. More than the utility, it is all about buildup and ‘keeping in tune with the trend’. But in this process, there are many who are getting burdened with debts and inflated egos. Sad but true…

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