Friday, October 5, 2012

Success Secret of Sexy Kajal

Being a successful heroine is one thing but to maintain and continue that success and demand takes a whole lot of skill and talent. And it is heard that Kajal Agarwal is one girl who knows the trick. If you think filmmakers are flocking her only for her beauty and sex appeal then it is not so. It is heard that the key reason for Kajal being such a hot bird is her academic mind. Apparently, sources say if a long set of dialogue pages are given Kajal can deliver the lines without hiccups within few minutes and she also adds the right expressions for them. That way, scenes can be completed in less takes. That way, she is an apt example of being called as the director’s heroine. Because, beauty alone doesn’t make successful heroines, the starlets should posses that sharpness to get their dialogues right in front of the camera without any fumbling or goof-ups. And Kajal seems to be pretty good at that.

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