Saturday, October 6, 2012

Troublesome Superstar Becomes Good Boy!!

Starry tantrums and dealing with heavyweight actors is not a joke. Directors, producers and unit members have a nightmare dealing with them. One star who belongs to that tag is Salman Khan. This Bollywood star has been known for his mood swings, his brawls outside and especially his tantrums. But now it is heard that Salman has transformed completely and has become a good boy. Firstly, sources say he has given up on smoking and drinking which he was quite regular. It is heard that from the time Salman got diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia he quit everything and disciplined himself. Currently, Salman is busy with climax shooting of his film ‘Dabangg 2’ which also has Prakash Raj, Niketan Dheer. It is heard that he arranged for a gym near Sattara, Maharashtra where the shoot is happening and reports every morning sharp at 10.30 am on the sets. He has also brought in his cook and ensures that everyone in the sets gets food cooked by his personal cook. It is heard that Salman bonds well with Prakash and has reportedly quipped that Prakash should not take off his shirt since he is a bit plump.

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